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Labyrinth of the Physical Form
You dare to wander throughout the catacombs
And search every scum-filled corner
In search of something you may never find.
Be careful,
For the blood dripping down the walls will stain your white shirt
And the grim underneath will wear your feet down.
You'll become entangled in the tendrils of my faults,
And the sins will ensnare you in a death grip.
The air is suffocating
And the walls drip with poison of the mind.
The inner passage
To my heart, somehow still beating,
Is not worthwhile,
Yet you insist on finding the me
That's still lost in a dream.
You shine so bright
In my darkness,
I don't want to put you out.
:iconreireiserenade:ReiReiSerenade 16 13
Burning Ignorance
If you cracked my heart open like an egg,
You'd see all my love that would seep through the cracks.
You might also see the not-so-pleasant stuff
Dripping like tar onto your unblemished white skin,
Burning it raw in its midst.
I want so desperately
For you to know
That I could never hate you
Because you're that type of flawless,
Perfect person
That I could never be lucky enough
To have love all my not-so-pleasant stuff.
I'll keep it all inside,
Because ignorance is bliss
And you're blissful.
:iconreireiserenade:ReiReiSerenade 18 5
I have to let go,
If I don't jump,
I may never fly.
Dead weight
And the fragments are carried in the embrace of the wind.
I've never felt
So safe and sound
Anywhere else but here,
Falling blindly.
A tear escapes
From the corner of someone's eye
As the ground grows closer.
I have lived a thousand lives
In this moment.
A smile is etched onto my face
And the tear hits the ground.
:iconreireiserenade:ReiReiSerenade 14 12
Water Runs in My Veins
    I break the surface and feel the waves embrace my into their icy, yet soothing arms. Once I am completely immersed, every inch of my skin tingles. My bones seem to melt to match the temperature of the water, and my movements become fluid. I deftly plunge deeper, feeling both the cold and the warmth rush past me with every stroke. The pulse of the ocean beats against my skin; it is alive. I open my eyes to take in the scene. I can't see clearly, the images are blurred. Still, I can make out soft hues of color. I reach out and feel the hard, smooth surface of a rock, resting amongst others. I feel a rigid plant, and my hand even grazes the backs of a couple of slimy fish. With each connection made by my senses, I feel a rush of adrenaline. I am truly unlimited when I'm under the sea; my fears have been washed away by the white waves.
    Growing excited, I continue to venture deeper into the dark depths. Soon, I feel wisps of seaweed brush up against me, tickling
:iconreireiserenade:ReiReiSerenade 24 10
Depicting Lunacy
The moon leaks through the blinds,
Casting a shrine on the wall.
Light blue starlight
(cascading loneliness)
Provides solace
And my hands are perspiring
As they twist in the sheets.
My eyelashes graze the pillow,
And my heart drops to my stomach.
:iconreireiserenade:ReiReiSerenade 14 2
The Fault in the Silver-lining
Did you know
That when my eyes are clouded
And my mind is empty
I can hear the clock ticking,
Counting each worthless second gone by.
Do matter how hard I try,
My heart won't beat in unison
With the indefinite continuation
Of life.
Did you know
That when I lay with my ear close to the ground
I can hear the pulse of the earth beneath me.
It slowly spins,
So alive
Yet filled with the dead.
Did you also know
That when the blood rushes through my body,
I can hear the wind tremble and quake
With a familiar fear.
It shudders
Because it knows its fleeting existence
Will slip through the world's fingers.
Did you know
That I'm afraid of that too?
:iconreireiserenade:ReiReiSerenade 20 11
Tinted Blue
I wanted
To capture the sea,
So I picked it up with my hands.
It seeped through my fingers,
And became droplets on the floor.
I wanted
To live in the ocean,
So I poured water everywhere.
It swam away
And was gone within the hour.
I wanted
To never leave the water,
So I never got out of the pool.
Now, my lips are tinted blue
And I have water in my lungs.
I got my wish,
But now my family is creating a flood.
:iconreireiserenade:ReiReiSerenade 15 11
My eyes remain clouded,
Unable to conjure any form of tears.
They are dry, blood-shot,
And shift out of focus.
 Though I lay still,
My heart is ceaselessly spinning,
The world is endlessly aching.
I can taste the song and I can see the heat.
I hear my heartbeat alone above the ringing that is the scream of the night's wind.
It is calling out for the tear the has fallen
Upon your sleeve, resting on a desk.
The old wood is marked
By the ink that was spilled
When you tried to let the words escape from your lips.
I toss and turn as the crow flies away.
The butterflies are beckoned to mourn the loss of your tears,
Yet I am left.
Arms reach out
And grasp empty air
And I snuggle into a fragment
Of a memory
That is over before it even started.
The dove finds you
And delivers a cold stone--
All that tossing and turning
Has strangled me.
:iconreireiserenade:ReiReiSerenade 16 4
Mature content
Theologically Insensitive :iconreireiserenade:ReiReiSerenade 18 11
Morning Butterfly
To those who should live when our stars collide,
Suffocating innocence is but a dying light.
:iconreireiserenade:ReiReiSerenade 9 3
Story Time.
The face of evil,
Once a god frozen in the ice,
Whose sanity melts remembering touch,
Is a drop of fire on the rise,
Its soaring hopes
Tied with black ribbons to an electric chair.
Lament, bleeding roses,
Bite your tongue till it bleeds.
In the silent midnight,
A tear sings a water's lullaby,
An Underwater fire walk in the labyrinth submerges the ivory heart.

Praying for spring:
The cycle of love and solitude.
Rescue is possible,
We need an instant repair.
Until then, I'll be missing you.
:iconreireiserenade:ReiReiSerenade 23 24
Love Arrow
A dove bursts forth from its cage
As a thousand flowers emerge from the ground.
The sky breaks into dawn
I watch hues of pink and red
Seep through the black of night.
A thousand bells resound throughout the world,
Their song carried by the wind,
Bounding to every corner of the earth,
Two hearts are burning red,
Kindled beneath me on a hearth
Emanating a tenderness
That I only know too well.
I shoot my arrow,
And the world seems to stop
For just one moment.
My vision clouds,
And a single raindrop falls
Amidst the beautiful scene.
:iconreireiserenade:ReiReiSerenade 6 4
The blood trickling down my chest
Is the same blood dripping from the bullet on the ground.
The heart that was punctured
Is the same heart still beating for you.
The world that is so stained and bloodied
Is the same world that you live in.
I will protect you
With, regrettably, the only life that I have.
:iconreireiserenade:ReiReiSerenade 19 9
So many times up here
I've cast my arrow down
Upon the hearts of the lonely
So that they may find love.
Eyes, brimmed with tears,
Find each other in the crowd,
Their throbbing red hearts
Scream with desire.
The whole world disappears
As they are taken over by
Childish ,
A glow emanates from their intertwined hands
And their helpless souls drown in each other's embrace.
Their hearts inflamed
And their eyes misty,
They are cloaked and held in the very light of Heaven.
Indifferent to all the perils of the world,
For the fire cannot touch them now.
For even if it does,
They shall hold each other
In an eternal embrace,
Their love conquering all.
But, if love conquers all,
Then why am I so powerless?
Why must I be so close to love,
Only to have it dangle just out of reach?
I shall never know the warmth,
The passion
Which inflames the heart,
Blinding it from all other outside forces.
If only I was blind,
So I didn't have to bear
Seeing one more happy
:iconreireiserenade:ReiReiSerenade 6 9
A Doll's Nightmare
    My painted blue eyes, lined with rows of synthetic eyelashes, knowingly stare out at the crowd. My full, pink lips are frozen into a sickening smile that reveals my pearly white teeth. My plastic body is arranged into an appealing and inviting pose, which is flattered by my tiny, floral, custom-made dress. Every strand of my blonde hair is neatly and perfectly styled. In whole, I am the ideal image of a doll, an idealistic human. I used to take pride in my enticing and flawless appearance and demeanor, but I know better now, that there are thousands of exact replicas of me. Here, sitting on this shelf, we are all competing for the attention we crave.
    It's nearly impossible to stand out among an army entirely compiled of copies of yourself. Side by side, we all try our best to smile a little wider, to glow a littler brighter. Children with wide eyes and gaped-toothed smiles will gape while we each try to yell, "Pick me!" as if they could hear us
:iconreireiserenade:ReiReiSerenade 11 11
Innocent Eyes
    It's said that the eyes are the window to the soul. In that case, then I can easily confirm what I already knew - my family has no soul.
    I threw my hands out, trying to catch myself from falling, but the hard pavement scratches my skin raw anyway. I hit the ground with full force. I release a throaty groan, and feebly try to lift my body up with all the dignity I can muster. My eyes peer behind me to meet that ice-cold glare of my mother. Her eyes are deep, bottomless pits that probably go down to the lowest level of hell. Never breaking eye contact, I wipe the blood on the corner of my mouth with the back of my hand, stand up, despite my muscles screaming in protest, and run through the yard, away from "home."
    My "home" is as good as dead to me. Beaten, bruised, and scarred, I've had enough, I've reached my breaking point. This time, I am never coming back. I might starve, but at least I'll never have to stare into the cold emptiness of my mot
:iconreireiserenade:ReiReiSerenade 5 5

Random Favourites

Under Dread
The winter, the whole winter
is sitting on my head, nesting its fingers
in the little hairs over my ears.
Its friend, the great and unnamed doubt,
is leaning against my collarbone
in a most familiar fashion,
and I fall in and out of balance
irregularly irregularly.
I have a beauty waiting, warm, willing
on speed dial, but the phone--
where did I leave the phone again?
Beauty is as elusive as
the car keys, which, I swear,
were just in that pocket. I
had my hand on them. The whole winter
keeps coursing its little nails
up and down my neck and taking
all my breath away.
There was a dream I had that
I almost remember, almost remember better
than living yesterday, a dream
of gooey loss, a taffy sorrow that loomed,
loomed, loomed, you see? It was so real,
I just had it.
:iconcompleteaccident:completeaccident 128 43
Noticed in Committing
I started committing suicides.  They were small at first, but more grandiose as the months passed.
At first, I came up with basics: wrist slashing, hanging, overdose, jumping off a building, and stepping off in front of bus.  They were all very mundane, really, and if not done properly you just end up living very, very painfully.  It was after those routine ways to snuff oneself that I began to get creative.
There was going into a biker bar nude and starting fights with drunk bikers.  And when I say "fights", I mean with a knife in my hand.  That was a fun night.  Everyone was freaked out and angry at the same time.  They all wanted to kill me, but they didn't want to touch me either.  Eventually, though, they did.
Oh, another good one was sneaking into one of those giant dump trucks at a quarry and letting them dump tons of excavated rocks on me.  The driver of the loader always sees you just as it's too late and tries to stop the load.
:iconenigmaticsmile:enigmaticsmile 732 333
Mature content
Immaculate Conception :iconprettythings9:PrettyThings9 283 109
Once In A Dream by bleistiftkind Once In A Dream :iconbleistiftkind:bleistiftkind 223 74
Strangers In Visions
Strangers in visions of wilderness
Held captive in a lover's eyes
Who stole in the whisper of promises
The key to the other one's mind?
On treks in another kinds notion
Subservient and lacking in wile
The soldiers move forward in motions
Betraying a lyrical style
In pastures the flowers are grazing
An ever-field locked into time
In memory of what they are tasting
The stars in the night shall align
For beauty is what we are grasping
Released in an ethereal smile
We hear not the pitch that is sharpening
The edges we needed to file
A journey, on such, you are taken
Of values and fears left behind
Who stole in the whisper of promises
The key to the other one's mind?
:iconjojo22:jojo22 4 4
She scrawls life line tallies on her wrists in scars
to mark each year passed
and haunts bars looking for the love of strangers.
she finds malt whiskey and vermouth; strange mouths to kiss
she tips them back the way a lover might tip her chinny chin
She whispers slurs and looks into the abyss of gin.
He inhales death with the smoky kisses of cigarettes
injects life paraphrasing echoes of love with hypodermics to keep
the hypothermia of loneliness back
but it creeps and creeps
a slow paralysis
under the windowsill, rain falling bleak on the pane to drip
into her veins
soft dark over the threshold of the doorway to her soul
writing ink into her shadow, there -
melting behind the lidded stupor stare of dreamless minds
it stirs and wakes,
invisible monsters sleeping in her chest
they bare their teeth and bleed
pain naked in the light of morning
ugly and beautiful in the honesty of strangers unable to turn
from a car crash in the dusk.
walking in darkness
searching for touch.
:iconrosary0fsighs:Rosary0fSighs 40 16
Ariel Free Page Doll by Mimru Ariel Free Page Doll :iconmimru:Mimru 2,760 302 Dreamy Summer by Estelle-Photographie Dreamy Summer :iconestelle-photographie:Estelle-Photographie 742 47 Swandance by thrumyeye Swandance :iconthrumyeye:thrumyeye 2,949 149 Ascension chapter.3 by Rinmaru Ascension chapter.3 :iconrinmaru:Rinmaru 467 259 Tetra by escume Tetra :iconescume:escume 961 75 Casper Vinyl by Zuggamasta Casper Vinyl :iconzuggamasta:Zuggamasta 852 87 Balls of Fluff I by Panda-kiddie Balls of Fluff I :iconpanda-kiddie:Panda-kiddie 55 31 Come to me by lazycreator Come to me :iconlazycreator:lazycreator 28 0 Lux's Dream by KarahRobinson-Art Lux's Dream :iconkarahrobinson-art:KarahRobinson-Art 82 92 Guard by annajordanart Guard :iconannajordanart:annajordanart 346 143


I absolutely love how you have exploded the moment and slowed down the entire scene to capture everything from the setting to the emoti...




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"Be like the bird who, pausing in her flight awhile on boughs too slight, feels them give way beneath her, and yet sings, knowing she hath wings."
- Victor Hugo

"Neither a lofty degree of intelligence nor imagination nor both together go to the making of genius. Love, love, love, that is the soul of genius."
-Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

My avatar is made by Zagittorch :wave: :heart:
:wave: I challenged you all to write something beautiful with all the negativity built up inside of you, and the results were amazing! I was pleasantly surprised by all of the entries and how each writer took their own take on the prompt. But, I had to choose only a few of them to be winners.

1st Place: Aerode 

This poem is full of metaphors, creative ideas, and an abstract style that is completely captivating. Each stanza gorgeously transitions into another, and it all links together to create a story of love, pain, and yearning. I have no words to describe how it speaks to me. :heart:

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2nd Place: shehrozeameen

Mirth in Solemn ReminiscenceThis dear heart knows no boundaries, my love -
Let us pray that the night will be our guide,
a solace I sought, granted, from above.
Let nothing stop us – spread your wings, my dove,
and follow the gentle wind breathing its stride;
this dear heart knows no boundaries, my love.
A loud tempest strikes! Wraps in a cold glove
a chance for ascension, spread far and wide:
A solace I sought, granted, from above.
Therein, you found, the mirth you had dreamt of;
a smile on your face – purity deified –
This dear heart knows no boundaries, my love.
Thus must I leave now; a sadness I shove
aside, for this void is where I reside
this dear heart knows no boundaries, my love.
I plant the rose on your grave, made thereof
from our dreams together, for you I cried:
“this dear heart knows no boundaries, my love -
a solace I sought, granted, from above.”

This piece has a much more classical feel to it than most poetry today, and in that way it is unique in expressing common emotions that everyone can relate to. Therefore, I feel that it is a timeless piece that can be interpreted both in modern times and the way back to Shakespeare's time. Each line is full of purpose and emotion that, in all, creates something unforgettable. :heart:

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3rd Place: ReconditeDevices

Let Me Absorb Your RageWho but I will feel your wrath?
I'm all you've got, its simple math.
Who but I can absorb your rage,
when gesture and tone belie your age?
With piercing scream and woeful wail,
true old classics when young words fail.
Frustration waiting to be freed and spent,
my gorgeous volcano, trying to vent.
Pink and purple anger now run its course.
No my darling, you can not have a horse.
Let me dry your tears, do you need to wee?
Would you like a juice box with morning tea?

This approach to the prompt was very sarcastic, and that's probably why I enjoyed reading it so much. The idea was very well executed, and the word choice intrigues me more each time I read it. :heart:

You will receive:
Bullet; Green Twenty Points from me
Bullet; Green Twenty Points from PaleAuthor
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Honorable Mention: Diluculi

59. No Way OutImagine your artistic mind is a house, but instead of rooms the door you find can lead you into entire worlds of your own. Imagination, creativity and motivation used to buzz around entire floors, filling the house with life, darting from one place to another while playing catch. Ideas just to come and go, sometimes staying for hours, sometimes just walking by.
But this time, something is off. It's hard to realise at first, but the usually ever presents sounds have died down, replaced by an increasing, eerie silence. No idea is showing up and all the rooms are deserted. Imagination and Creativity are nowhere to be found, no matter how often you call out for them. There is only silence. Some of the rooms are locked and the worlds behind those which aren't, are also empty and silenced. All the beings who used to inhabit them are either gone or lying motionless on the ground. Slowly the colours fade away, until only grey shades are left behind.
In search for a reason, for a cause, or simp

This piece of prose takes you on a very interesting emotional journey that includes imagery and metaphoric messages that reminds you of being stuck in a nightmare with no way out. The journey was very enjoyable for me. :heart:

You will receive:
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Bullet; Red Twenty Points from PaleAuthor
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Each and every entry was unique and enjoyable to read. I want to encourage all of you to keep writing and sharing on deviantART! :tighthug:


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